Mac: Introducing Presenter Overlay for Engaging Video Calls

In the fast-paced world of virtual meetings and presentations, enhancing your presence is crucial. Apple has now introduced a game-changing feature for Mac users  the Presenter Overlay. This tool allows you to take center stage during video calls, providing two distinct styles to suit your presentation needs.

Large Overlay: Bringing You to the Forefront

The first style, the large overlay, positions you at the forefront while seamlessly placing your content beside you. This not only highlights you as the presenter but also ensures that your audience can easily focus on both you and your shared content. To use the large overlay, simply follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a Mac computer with Apple silicon and macOS Sonoma.
  2. Launch a supported video call app that allows screen sharing.
  3. During the video call, click on the Screen Sharing menu in the menu bar.
  4. Select “Large” to activate the large overlay, moving your content to a separate layer beside you.
  5. Click anywhere outside the Screen Sharing menu to hide it, allowing you to concentrate on your presentation.

Whether you’re sharing a Keynote presentation through FaceTime or any other compatible video call app, the large overlay ensures you are the spotlight during your presentation.

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Small Overlay: Focus on What Matters Most

For times when you want your presentation to be the main focus, the small overlay comes into play. This style places you in a movable bubble, allowing you to be more dynamic in guiding your audience’s attention. Follow these steps to set up the small overlay:

  1. Follow the initial setup steps mentioned for the large overlay.
  2. Click on the Screen Sharing menu in the menu bar during the video call.
  3. Choose “Small” to activate the small overlay, positioning you within a movable bubble.
  4. Click and drag the small overlay to reposition it, ensuring you become an integral part of the presentation.

The small overlay is particularly effective in drawing attention to important details on your audience’s screen, providing a more engaging and focused experience.

Enhance Your Video Calls with Presenter Overlay

Whether you opt for the large overlay to stand out or the small overlay for a more dynamic presentation, Presenter Overlay is compatible with most video call apps that support screen sharing. So, whether you’re conducting business meetings or delivering exciting news, this feature is designed to make your video calls more productive and personal.

Next time you’re on a video call, take advantage of the Presenter Overlay on your Mac for a presentation experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Stand out, engage, and make your mark with Apple’s latest innovation in virtual communication.

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