WhatsApp Introduces New Voice Chat Feature for Larger Groups

WhatsApp has rolled out a new voice chat option tailored for groups comprising 33 to 128 participants. Similar to features seen in platforms like Discord and Clubhouse, this addition, available on both Android and iOS, initiates an audio call for all members within the conversation while allowing the flexibility to send messages or access other chats within the messenger app.

What Sets It Apart from Conventional Voice Chats?

The primary differentiator lies in the way it notifies participants about the call: designed for significantly larger groups, the new voice chat feature only sends a notification within the conversation, refraining from triggering traditional phone ring alerts on individual devices.

This discreet option aims to prevent dozens of individuals from receiving incessant call alerts throughout the day, reducing the clutter of missed call notifications. Recognizing that larger groups often operate differently from smaller ones, not everyone might wish to participate in a call or receive multiple notifications.

Furthermore, this update does not facilitate video calls, restricting video chat capabilities to groups with a maximum of 32 participants.

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Activating Voice Chats in Large Groups on WhatsApp

The new voice chat feature can be accessed via a sound wave icon located in the upper right corner within the Android and iOS versions. This button replaces icons used to initiate calls in smaller conversations.

Anyone within the group can join a voice chat provided they access WhatsApp from their primary device, disregarding additional profiles on other devices. The chat room automatically closes once all participants leave the space.

Follow these steps to commence a voice chat:

1. Access the group.

2. Tap the sound wave icon.

3. Select “Start voice chat.”

4. Await the entry of new participants.

5. Press “X” to exit.

Voice chats might resonate well in Brazil—a country that sends the most audio messages via WhatsApp globally, according to the messenger’s head.

This update reflects WhatsApp’s ongoing efforts to adapt to the evolving communication needs of its users, particularly those engaging in larger group interactions. By offering a nuanced approach to voice calls within extensive group conversations, the platform aims to enhance user experience and accommodate diverse communication preferences.

The introduction of this feature is poised to foster a more seamless and less intrusive communication experience within sizable WhatsApp groups, catering to the diverse dynamics and preferences of its users.

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