YouTube Influencer Marketing: Partnering with Creators for Promotion

The world has gone digital, and companies around the world are embracing this change. Companies of all sizes are leaning towards a more effective strategy for brand growth: collaborating with YouTube influencers. Creators who know the tricks on how to grow YouTube subscribers and marketers who are up to speed on the demand for these creators are partnering to grow their brands and improve their promotional strategy.

If you want to join the bandwagon of smart marketers and leverage the power of the largest video-sharing platform, we have all the information you need. Keep reading to discover the know-how of YouTube influencer marketing and how you can incorporate it into your next campaign.

But first, get familiar with what YouTube influencer marketing is.

YouTube Influencer Marketing: What Does It Mean?

For starters, we can describe YouTube Influencer Marketing as a fast-growing promotional strategy. Brands and businesses collaborate with successful YouTube creators to advertise and endorse the products they sell or the services they render to their audience.

Marketers usually go for YouTubers who have a sizable number of followers to bring the right amount of awareness to their company. Creators are usually paid for this promotion based on a mutual agreement with the company or its marketers.

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Why YouTube for Influencer Marketing

YouTube is a large social media platform. The video-sharing website has over two billion monthly active users from around the globe, which is a large enough audience for companies to reach their target.

The tools and features of YouTube also make it the ideal platform for brand awareness. Creators can upload both long-form and short-form video content, depending on the nature of the promotional video.

Additionally, there are a lot of influencers to partner with. The platform has over five million influencers, allowing you to partner with the most prominent ones based on niche, country, and other marketing goals.

Viewers and fans on YouTube love influencers. They love creators for their authenticity and the value they offer. It is a safe way to give your brand the visibility it needs, promote sales, and generate leads.

Finding the Right YouTube Influencer for Your Campaign

YouTube is a platform with millions of influencers. But you must know that not all YouTubers will help you reach your target. You might end up wasting a lot of money if you don’t know the right steps to follow.

Before you reach out to any influencer or partner with them, there are a few things you must know. Let’s help you get started.

Find Niche-Specific Influencers

The right influencer must have the same audience as you. Their content and the nature through which it is created must tend to your target audience if you want to see any results from your campaign.

For example, if your company sells gym gear and supplements for bodybuilders, partnering with a fitness influencer is the smart choice. Collaborating with a game influencer will be counterproductive and will lose you money in the long run, as they are not in the same niche.

You can find influencers in your niche by clicking on the search bar and looking up niche-specific keywords. The result will show you thousands of videos, helping you discover the right channel/influencer that you can use for your business.

Evaluate the Influencers

You need to do more than just discover influencers in your niche when planning your campaign. There are other criteria to look out for if you want to see good results. You want to know how well these influencers will help you reach your target and how they can do so using their channel.

For starters, you want to know their performance. So, once you’re done searching for the niche-specific keywords, you filter the search results. YouTube allows you to filter search results based on the number of views, the relevance of the content, the upload date, and the rating. With these filters, you can choose the best channels for you, visit these channels, and do some more digging.

Shortlist Your Options

Once you have a list of all the influencers you could potentially partner with, you want to know if they share the same core values as your brand. View their bios, look through their previous videos, and check their website or linked social media platforms to get a glimpse of what they stand for.

You can also look out for their previous collaborations and see how well they perform. You want to take note of the views, comments with likes, and creativity levels of these previous promotional videos. This way, you get to select which one of these influencers is the best fit for your company.

Reach out and make your offer

YouTubers usually have their emails in their bio. You can reach out via email or the other social media platforms linked to their channel.

Once you get any means of contact, introduce yourself and get right to the point. Tell them who you are and how you got to find them.

Let them know you appreciate their work and state your intentions right away. When reaching out, you must sound friendly and be as straightforward as possible.

Pro Tip: Do not discuss money in the first message. Get to know them a little bit and see if they’re interested in working with you. Many influencers are mindful of who they are working with and how such collaborations will benefit them beyond the amount written on the paycheck.

Negotiate Terms and Agreements

The next and final step is negotiating the terms and agreements. When you find a creator who wants to work with you, discuss timelines and deliverables, compensation, and expectations.

Knowing that you and the creator are on the same page is essential for smooth collaboration. Be open to change and suggestions, and be ready to provide all the information and support they need to work: a brief, coupon code, logo, and product samples.

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Finding the right YouTuber is profitable. These creators know just how to connect your target audience with you and help you reach your business goals. Be extra careful when making your choice, and ensure that terms and agreements are clear.

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