U.S. Office Real Estate Stocks: Earnings & Challenges 2023

The U.S. office real estate sector is gearing up for earnings reports, and investors are closely monitoring two key themes that will determine its performance: leasing activity and the ability to secure financing in the markets.

While Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) have shown signs of bouncing back, they still face significant challenges, including elevated borrowing costs, declining property valuations, and a tough economic backdrop in metropolitan areas where office use was severely impacted during the pandemic.

REITs and Market Performance:

Real estate investment trusts have outperformed the broader market in recent times, although they continue to grapple with headwinds. The S&P composite 1500 office REITs index has witnessed a remarkable four-week winning streak, marking its first in over a year.

Since June, the index has surged more than 17%, surpassing the roughly 9% gain of the S&P 500. This growth has also trimmed the REIT Gages’ 2023 loss from a staggering 57% in late May to a more manageable 12%.

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Leasing Challenges and Occupancy Rates

One of the significant challenges faced by office real estate firms is the reduced number of workers returning to office buildings compared to pre-pandemic levels. According to data from CASEL systems, office usage in ten of the largest U.S. business districts was at 49% of pre-COVID-19 levels as of July 12.

However, despite these challenges, some REITs are performing surprisingly well, with eight out of nine office REITs operating at more than 90% occupancy, as highlighted by Michael Lewis at tourist securions.

SL Green Realty Corp’s Boost

SL Green Realty Corp, a New York-based firm, provided a boost to the sector by selling an almost 50% stake in a midtown Manhattan office skyscraper to a U.S. affiliate of Moritrest Co. This move garnered attention from investors and demonstrated a willingness to invest in the market. The market responded positively to this data point, with several peers following suit.

Upcoming Earnings Reports

The upcoming earnings season will provide an opportunity for companies to offer more clarity on leasing and financing. Companies like SL Green Realty Corp, Vornado Realty Trust, Killroy Realty Corp, and Boston Properties Inc are scheduled to report their results at the end of July and early August. These reports will shed light on the current state of the leasing market and financing options for office landlords.

Regional Variations

Regional variations in leasing activity persist, with some markets performing better than others. Atlanta, especially, continues to see stronger leasing activity, while the West Coast struggles with weak demand from the tech industry. New York City, with its substantial exposure to financial services, is faring relatively better.

Challenges for Financial Institutions

Despite the resilience of some REITs, financial institutions are facing their own set of challenges related to capital requirements and commercial real estate exposure. The concern is whether lenders will have an adequate appetite to extend financing to office landlords.

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The U.S. office real estate sector faces both challenges and opportunities as it enters earnings season. While some REITs have shown resilience and growth, the overall leasing activity and financing environment remain crucial factors for investors.

The upcoming earnings reports will provide valuable insights into the sector’s performance, shedding light on how office real estate firms are navigating through economic challenges and capitalizing on opportunities for growth and recovery.

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