3 Shows You Must Watch On Spectrum

With the amount of content available nowadays, it can get very overwhelming to select which TV show to binge-watch! We’re here with our top recommendations, but we’re going to have to pump the brakes on that for a few minutes! 

Before we get into what shows to watch, we first need to consider whether you even have the means to enjoy content online what we mean by that is whether you have the right service provider and the proper internet plan to suit your binging needs! Do you have the right internet speed or does your screen often buffer during shows, and if that is the case (believe us, a lot of people can relate) then you need to consider signing up to a different service provider. 

And we have just the one for you – Spectrum

Why Spectrum? 

As one of the largest service providers in the United States, Spectrum is the go-to ISP for most! There are various reasons for that; starting with Spectrum’s internet packages. They’re affordable, provide great speeds, and offer minimal lags when you’re online, making for a seamless experience! 

Its customer support team – and it is bilingual, by the way – is available day and night to resolve all manner of problems or sort any kind of inquiries that customers may have! Whether it’s Sunday, Christmas, Halloween, or the dead of the night, Spectrum’s team is on duty 24/7, ready to serve you when you need it! 

All of Spectrum’s plans, internet, TV, and mobile ones, come with a money-back guarantee policy which means that should the customer choose to cancel their subscription within the first month, they’ll get their money back. This goes to show how confident Spectrum is with its quality service to offer such a guarantee to all its new, onboarding customers. But that’s not where the list of benefits stops! 

Spectrum is also contract-free, meaning that it’s very easy to sign up with the ISP since it requires minimal to zero hassle! To learn more about its services and details, simply dial 844-760-4220 and a Spectrum expert will be with you shortly! Now, onto our TV show recommendations! 

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Halloween Baking Championship

Since we’re already deep into the spooky season, we thought it fitting to recommend a cooking show that centers around our favorite season’s theme! 

With bakers from all walks of life, gathered together to create the most delicious of treats that are sure to make your mouth water! The judges’ panel includes notorious celebrities like Lorraine Pascale, Stephanie Boswell, Carla Hall, and Zac Young and with every episode, the list of talented bakers gets shorter and shorter, further amplifying the tension! 

Only one baker can walk away with the ultimate treat (in this case, it’s $25,000) but who will it be? 

Paradise Lost 

Did you know that Spectrum also has its own set of unique TV series, called the Spectrum Originals? Well, we’re recommending one to you right now, and this is one TV show that’ll keep you hooked to your screen!

Meeting the in-laws can be a stressful experience, but not as stressful as Frances has experienced it. When she and her husband return to his hometown, Frances starts to feel like something is off. She knows that there are things that her in-laws are keeping from her, and by extension, so is her husband. It gets to the point where her husband is forced to make a choice – his past with his family and hometown or his future with his wife. 

Watch the show to find out what choice he makes! 


Time travel, fantasy, and a whole lot of guns – this show is sure to take you on a ride! 

A young woman, named Claire, is exploring the grassy fields of Scotland with her husband after World War 2 when she accidentally teleports backwards in time! She finds herself in the year 1743, in a time that is vastly different from her own and with dangers that she had never before foreseen. 

Soon, Claire realizes that she has the power to change the future, by reinventing history itself, and if things aren’t already complicated enough, she slowly starts to fall in love with a charming soldier by the name of Jamie. Complicated, isn’t it?

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In Conclusion 

This wraps up our list of TV show recommendations that you can binge-watch and enjoy via Spectrum! You’ll also notice that we’ve picked shows from vastly different genres so that there is something to enjoy for a variety of people. If you’re not into medieval drama, perhaps you’ll enjoy a more light-hearted cooking competition. If that isn’t your cup of tea either, our second recommendation should be the perfect balance! 

Once again, if you have any questions, you can just reach out to Spectrum’s customer support team! 

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