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Book Seven Was Just Started.

I have been a serious about my writing and not my blogging. Book Five and Six are finished but they have not been edited. I am working on book seven. I am blazing away despite being a bit sad. The outline that blew up from what I thought was going to be a single seventy thousand word book is now approaching the end. There is perhaps more that I could say, but I fear that once I let go of these characters they will fade from my mind. They will still be dear friends, but they won’t be running off doing their own thing and showing little respect to the outline anymore.

There are other characters and other stories. For the next book I will try to keep my outline much simpler so the story does not expand as much as this story did. Soon I must devote myself to editing, making covers and promoting the words I have written.

Finished Cover Art for All Seven Books

Headgames I Cover

Headgames II Cover

Headgames III Cover

Headgames IV Cover

Headgames V Cover

Headgames VI Cover

Headgames VII Cover


I am getting very close to finishing the last book of this series. I am going to miss these characters. To put off the writing of the last half of the seventh book, I went ahead and spent time on the graphics. I also need to compile the rest of the quotes for the beginning of the chapters and do four additional graphics. Then I suppose I won’t have any excuses. The plot is finished. The content has been lain out. It is time for me to finish this work.

I have had these characters buzzing around in my head ignoring my outlines and going above expectations for so long, I think I will be a bit lonely when they are gone.

Not for long though. I have other books to write and other characters to befriend.


Hearts in Wood favicon

Headgames I Stone Cover

Headgames II Stone Cover

Headgames III Stone Cover

Headgames IV Stone image

Headgames V Stone Cover

Headgames VI Stone Cover

Headgames VII Stone Cover








Headgames IV: Spirits and Space

Book4 Kindle Cover

I have just started working on the fourth book in the series. I have a lot of editing work still to do on  book three so I will be shifting my time between the two books for a while as we shake the bugs out of the third book.

There is so much to cover with this book. 1977 is an amazing year and August of 1977 is an interesting month for Space exploration.


Lots of interesting things planned, Ben visits Space, Japan and Korea. The Elf wars continue and Ben is getting ready to visit a Japanese bluegrass festival.

I am still researching Korean lore. Lots of interesting things. For example, Hwang-gung ruled for a thousand years before becoming a stone that spoke and reminded men of their path to innocence.


As an update, Happy New Years! I am now at 50,000 words on this book!

New update, it is January 25. Despite having to spend too much time editing book III, writing a submission page and writing a synopsis, I am now at 63,000 words. This is probably a bit more than half way done. I may have to alter the book title. ‘Spirits and Spies’ seems to be a better description of far. In any case I am enjoying the book and can’t wait to see what happens next. You would think I would know, but the characters in this book have no respect for the outline.

Update, January 29, I have passed 70,000 words and finally Jewels younger sister makes her appearance!

Update January 31, 76,000 words. In twenty four more days I will have been working on this series for a year. With work and editing I probably won’t finish this and have written four books in one year. I won’t rush to fit it in. I love these books and don’t want to compromise on the quality. But I do have a goal and with the fates willing, I might just finish book four before the end of February.

Dark Precinct by Robert A. Taylor

Dark Precinct

Dark Precinct follows the day to day and night to night life of Vanessa Braden, a black female detective who was just assigned to cover an abnormal beat. A very enjoyable read. The author presents a detailed and complex world in an appealing manner. The characters are well constructed and the plot line is solid. It feels like a good episode of Castle with hints of MIB, Angel, Buffy and Forever Night mixed in.

This is a book by my brother in law, Robert A. Taylor.  I have know Robbie since he was 12.  Robbie is well read, thoughtful and creative.  So I must confess a bit of bias and connection in this review. I love this guy like a little brother!



Errant Knight by George Wier

Errant Knight
Errant Knight is a book I just read and reviewed on Amazon Kindle.
Shelby Knight is an ex-policeman who made mistake with a gun and let everything in his life fall to ruin. Then things take a turn for the worse and he is not sure who he can trust.
George Weir builds a character that is solid. I felt his emotions and his pains.
This is a gritty tale of distress, distrust and determination set in the grim lonely streets of Austin Texas.
Would I read it again? Not just would I, I did!
This is a book by George Weir. who writes the Bill Travis Mysteries and quite a range of other books.  He is also very special to me.  He is my brother in laws best friend from way, way back.  I have know George since he was 12.  He is a thoughtful, kind and humorous fellow.  Many a time we have fought together against dreadful foes.  But that is another story entirely.

Headgames III: Gossamer and Goblins

BookCover3 Mathed

The Third book of the Headgames series, “Gossamer and Goblins,” is currently being edited. At 117,100 words I found a good ending so I am stopping it at that point. I believe a book should have a good ending even if it is in a series.  It takes a bit of folding around of the plots and subplots to place a decent ending in a series. I think it is an effort worth making. Part of the “contract” between a writer and his reader is one of trust. When a reader goes through several books in a series there is an element of trust that the author will not cop out, fumble or otherwise mangle the ending. I am not generally a harsh judge of a book, but if a book ends on a weak note, the writer has to have had some pretty fine content for me to want to repeat the experience with a new book of theirs.

This book is one of the least serious examinations of free will that you can find. While it further examines the ramifications of destiny, free will and choice, I am not entirely sure that readers will notice. It seems more like a romp exploring the ramifications of having doorways into Fairy.

It also expands the examination of the battleground of church potluck meals that “Headgames II” started. Most importantly this book introduces one of my wife and my favorite characters, Dinodude.  Not the fellow you see on the cover, the cover picture is obviously Ben.

Now that I have finished the book, the editing begins.  While I crank out the words, I concern myself with plot, balance of mood and and a pathetic attempt to keep things simple. So I am done with writing the story and I think is a good story, Sadly though, that is not enough. I still have to try and make what I wrote conform to the rules of English. I also have to try and make things understandable and a bit less convoluted.

From the way it is shaping up I suspect this story will run to five or six books.  When it looks like the tale is complete I plan to move to other writing projects.  I will miss this one, I am beginning to get very fond of the characters and the world they live in.


Happy New Years! The second pass on editing is now half way done! The book is now 117,000 words.  I am enjoying reading this story now that I have finished it.

Book 3 Stone Matched 3

Headgames II: Myths and Mandolins

Headgames II: Myths and Mandolins

The Second book of the Headgames series is now available on Kindle.

Ben is a thirteen year old boy who is suffering from poisoning, a missing leg and a missing eye. He has been forbidden by his doctor from entering Fairy until he gets over the poisoning and his bowel issues.

His immortal grandmother has recently passed away and will be needing a new body soon, so arrangements have been made to get Grandmother’s ancient skull to Caroline, a girl that Ben has loved since he was five, so that Grandmother can have a new host body.

Ben is setting off to go to sea in a ship crafted in Fairy by his little brother, Bran the Blessed, an ancient Giant from British prehistory. Hopefully, Ben can survive a few weeks of gently sailing while developing a tan.

In this book, Ben meets the Dark Fairy, Giant Spiders, Death, and Loki as he continues following his ancient destiny.

I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.



Headgames I: Fates and Fairies

Headgames I Fates and Fairies


The first book of the Headgames series is now available on Kindle!

This story is about Benjamin Gray, a small twelve year old boy who has lived in fear most of his life. He has managed to smile and put one foot in front of the other despite his strong suspicions that this year may be his last.

It is February, 1977 and Ben has been summoned to visit his grandmother at her Winter House.

The Winter House is where the family keeps all the insane and infirm members of the family.  Ben has stayed at the Winter House every summer since he was five and managed to make friends with his sad and broken relatives.

He fears that he will soon be joining his insane relative as one of them.  That or be buried in the family cemetery where so many of the older stones are for children who died when they were only twelve. Ben has good reason for his fears. He has more than a few relatives with rather scary plans for him.

In a dark stone chamber, deep underground, Ben is about to meet the Fates, the three creatures that the Gods of old feared.

But doom is not what the Fates have planned for Ben.  Soon he will be protecting his family from Goblins, negotiating with Fairies, dealing with Daemons and getting along with girls.

Despite the odds, Ben has a strong advantage. The Fates are on his side.


Headgames the Book Series

Book 1 cover in stoneI have been exploring concepts that are shared in tales that cross cultures.  Many of them have quite a bit of similarity.  There are tales that resonate in ways, we as humans cherish. These stories have become common folk lore for more than a few civilizations.  Many of these have been created almost the same despite gulfs of time, space, culture and language between them. Still others have been heard from travelers and adopted entirely into their new home.  Some are remembered from so far back that the common origins are forgotten.

While exploring these iconic legends my wife and I started to create a fairly horrific and perpetually topical common theme in several of the sets of fairy tales and mythologies.  We bantered these tales between us and misplaced or forgot as much as we remembered.  While she was quite ill, I started writing this as an entertainment for my ailing wife.

I was also inspired by Mariachi music.  Sad horrid tales of loss sung bravely and brightly.  So instead of horror, I used all of the elements of horror while making a bright tale of constructive choices and high convictions told by a young boy on a background of ancient dark secrets and plots.  By telling this story with elements taken from slacker movies with a bright mood overall, I am trying to sneak in the same essence of provocative thought that my wife and I have had discussing and arguing these tales between us.

A Fantasy book is an interesting thing. It describes a chosen metaphysics and physics and expects you to follow along with a theology that is rarely one we would choose in life.  In this way fantasy is a bit subversive.  As fantasy starts to incorporate faith and religion as many fine fantasy stories do, it is inevitable that these intriguing and often dark twists will lift the corners of beliefs that we have firmly tacked down. I delight in this. I feel that a faith should be examined. I prefer a living faith or even no faith at all to one that has been pasted in place. Religions, like politics, when accepted without understanding or compassion, have a bad history of leading towards war and hatred.

With this story that incorporates, ancient myth, fairy tales and a range of belief systems, I have set it in another seemingly mythical setting.  The year 1977.  This is the year that Apple, Commodore, and Radio Shack started selling computers to people.  This is a time when phone books and paper maps were the guides to a city.  This is a time when no one had cell phones.

This is the year that the movie “Star Wars,” changed the movie industry and experience.  Before this year, only avid readers cared about fantasy or science fiction.  Before this year, people often made the choice to stop being nerds as they grew up, since nerds were in many ways a persecuted minority. In 1977, Speed Racer, Gigantor and Astroboy were the only anime that anyone in the States knew of. Comic books where something that people gave up early. Even in Japan, Comic books were considered a fringe habit that one should give up as one matured.

For me, 1977 is even more magical. I met and married my true love that year. It is for her that these stories are written.

I give you the story of Ben, a twelve year old boy who will, I hope, become as dear to you as he is to me.