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I have for many years been posting tool making projects, woodworking, metalworking and gardening articles on my website, last year I have sadly almost totally neglected it. I love making tools, but I started writing the Headgames series on February 24, 2015 and have been seriously focusing all of my spare time on writing these books. So many wonderful projects are on hold until I finish. Who knows though, I have so many book ideas scrambling in my head waiting for their turn to be written.


Remaking a Snap Blade Knife or How to Work Wood that Splits Easily


I love mesquite wood. It is beautiful, tough, weather resistant, hard and the worlds most stable wood. It does have a curious weakness, a screw will split it in half despite it being able to survive years as a mallet. The wood can split.

So there are methods you learn, that you would not have to learn on a wood that did not split easily. This project will show a lot of these methods.

Click Knife Tutorial

Snap Blade Knives are handy. I use them to cut things that I would never, ever use a good knife for. If you are going to cut a box open or shape cardboard, score chipboard or cut sandpaper, then a snap blade knife belongs in your tool box. The problem is that even a nice one does not fit in when you are putting it beside fine hand tools. Lee Valley has just offered a new Retractable Japanese Saw in a snap blade knife format. This is a great idea, but it calls for a nicer handle than the typical snap blade knife shows.