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Pirate Garden a Java Game


Methinks java is dying.  Web pages no longer support it.  Google mail won’t send JAR files.  There is little love for Java now.   Interestingly enough, the media system for WordPress will not upload the JAR file.  It seems that to many problems have happened and that Oracle has not bothered to maintain a standard of security for the programming system that others can still support.


So here is the thing.  I have a nice zip file with the build files and the jar inside.  PirateGarden22  I really want to convert the game to another system, but I think it will be easier to rewrite it from scratch.  I leave it here as an interesting thing.  I wish java were a trustworthy platform, but I think the game should be done in javascript.



In any case, I learned a lot from putting it together and had a lot of fun with it.  I still go back to it for fun regularly, for me it never really gets old.