Headgames I: Fates and Fairies

Headgames I Fates and Fairies


The first book of the Headgames series is now available on Kindle!

This story is about Benjamin Gray, a small twelve year old boy who has lived in fear most of his life. He has managed to smile and put one foot in front of the other despite his strong suspicions that this year may be his last.

It is February, 1977 and Ben has been summoned to visit his grandmother at her Winter House.

The Winter House is where the family keeps all the insane and infirm members of the family.  Ben has stayed at the Winter House every summer since he was five and managed to make friends with his sad and broken relatives.

He fears that he will soon be joining his insane relative as one of them.  That or be buried in the family cemetery where so many of the older stones are for children who died when they were only twelve. Ben has good reason for his fears. He has more than a few relatives with rather scary plans for him.

In a dark stone chamber, deep underground, Ben is about to meet the Fates, the three creatures that the Gods of old feared.

But doom is not what the Fates have planned for Ben.  Soon he will be protecting his family from Goblins, negotiating with Fairies, dealing with Daemons and getting along with girls.

Despite the odds, Ben has a strong advantage. The Fates are on his side.